Top 17 Reasons why your blog posts are not ranking [Increase Traffic – 2019]


Do you know, why rich people have rich friends, and poor people have poor friends? 

Why your blog posts are not ranking is linked with that question! In this post, we have described how can you improve your post performance on Search engines.

There are a thousand ways to mess up a blog post which need to improve. Otherwise, it will become difficult for you to get rankings on Google.

To get the higher rankings; Firstly, you must know how to optimize blog posts for SEO? In this post, we have resolved why your blog posts are not ranking?

Without wasting any time let’s understand, what I mean by saying the above words.

Why Your Blog Posts are not ranking?

Figure out by yourself do you fall in any these categories listed below which are affecting your search engine rankings.

Infographic Showing 17 reasons to aviod if u dont wanna loss rankings

Why Your Blog Posts are not ranking?
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1. Don’t copy and paste other’s content on your blog

stop copy paste warning for bloggers - Why Your Blog Posts are not ranking?
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Think for a minute, after a long tiring day you have compiled a gorgeous piece of art on the white canvas.

Next day, when you wake up, you find out that your masterpiece is stolen last night by a thief? How will you feel at that moment?

Therefore never steal anyone’s hard work, Professional writers, coder or Blogger can take legal action if anyone steals their content or resource without giving them Appropriate credit.

Apart from that Google also punishes by eliminating those people article who believes in copying and pasting other bloggers content to their blog.

Search engine optimization starts with original content development. Always remember that Google knows everything about your post.

Search engines like Google are known for giving a rating on certain credibility of the author which helps them to index every post on Google.

If your reputation is not goods in Google’s eye; then you can’t rank your post, my friend.
Search engines like Google work on a specific algorithm which cannot be tricked by any means. Google punishes the bloggers who copy the content from other’s blog to theirs. This is why your blog posts are not ranking!

Check if someone copied your content by the help of following tools mentions below:

List of Free and Paid Duplicate Content Checkers in 2019

Free ToolsPaid Tools
1. CopyscapeGrammerly
2. DuplicheckerPlagscan
3. SitelinerPlagiarsimcheck
4. PlagspotterPlagium

These are the best Duplicate checkers available in the market.

2. You are not fixing the real issue of the visitor in your post.

photo showing the main content after introduction o post in article by the help of graphics - Why Your Blog Posts are not ranking?
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you should make main content visible to visitors

Your visitors want the solution to their problems. They don’t want to hear where you were chilling out with your friends.
If a post could not provide an instant solution to the reader’s problem; They will leave the site with immediate effect.

The problem with most of the new bloggers is that they Save their solution to the bottom of their post. Thinking about that readers will go through their entire article.

The reality is if you could provide a solution at the top of the article; they will unquestionably read the entire article. Otherwise, there are chances that they may skip reading your article & this is why your blogs are not ranking for a specific term.

3. Language problems with most of the new blogger

Why Your Blog Posts are not ranking? Language problems and spelling mistakes
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Although it is not the direct reason for not getting ranking still it matters a lot.
Most of us are not native English speaking people; English may be our secondary language.

In those circumstances, most of the new bloggers commit grammatical or spelling mistakes which is not a criminal offense, but from an SEO perspective, it is not a  positive signal for the search engines.

Spelling and grammatical mistakes in the published article do not give a positive impression to the reader.  It could destroy the user experience and the whole reputation of the blog which may lead to fewer shares & likes for the post and this is why your blog posts are not ranking because of Language issues.

The good thing is that you can overcome your any issues by implementing the right strategies and experiences.
Practice speaking English fluently with your family members and friends. You can also read some good tutorials on the English Language and its grammar. 

Apart from that, you can use internet tools like Grammarly to get ride of Grammar Mistakes in blog posts.

4. XML Sitemap submission is compulsory

Sitemap Plays important role in structuring your website so search engine spiders or bots so it get indexed fast in search results. -
Why Your Blog Posts are not ranking?
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A sitemap is an XML file which stands for Extensible Markup Language. It is not a Language that you may be thinking; indeed it is a script which contains the search engine friendly URL of your blogs.

Hence submitting this file helps your blog to get ranked on the search engines.

You have to submit your XML files to various search engines. So that they could understand your blog structure, and URL available to crawl.
Search engine console integration is a free tool by Google which works for every Blog or Website.

5. Your Meta tags are not well Formulated

photo showing meta tag descripition in well formulated system for Search engine to rank a website becuase it effects ctr, click through rate plays majer roles in serps. -
Why Your Blog Posts are not ranking?
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There are multiple ways to mess up your article on Google SERP.
The problem newbies do that they don’t trigger the article content with the appropriate headline.

The better the headlines, the better will be the results.
Go for long tail keywords they are easy to rank in comparison to short term keywords which are already taken by the brands.

Not choosing the right suitable Keywords & description for the article could create confusion for google crawlers and spiders for featuring your snippet on the SERPS.
It that case Google can select an auto snippet from your post.
Apart from that, your title length should not exceed from 60 – 70 Characters and Description limit should be in between 150 -160 Character.

Choosing low competitive keywords and targeting the audience with that is an art which comes with practice and years of experience.
A user sees Featuring snippet on SERP which helps the audience to make their mind whether they want to click on your article or not.
Not giving a clear indication to search engine and users with your keywords can also outrank your article from search engines.

click through rate is shortly know as CTR, if your blog posts Meta description is well optimized then it effects organic traffic.
photo is showing traffic sources overviews. -
Why Your Blog Posts are not ranking?
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Low qualities of triggered headlines result in low CTR which is the direct signal to Google that your content is not that good. Google will drop your post from the SERP like a falling star.

Those who don’t know the meaning of CTR; it means click through rate on the SERP.

6. You are producing thin content

Producing thin content is the biggest issue for any blog to not get ranking on the SERP.

Now the question is what is Thin Content?
The content which lacks the originality and incomplete information about the topic is thin content.

Apart from that, the way content is displayed to the audience also matters a lot.

Every blogger must check out their page speed after advancing the graphics on the article.
Always start with the post introduction and end with the conclusion section in your article to address your audience in simple few words.

7. Confusing Google with Multiniche articles.

Why Your Blog Posts are not ranking? - photo showing Multiniche categories any bloggers should start working on 2019
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Today Google is obsessed with the blog authority which comes from writing on one single niche.  It establishes you as an Authority in that subject which wins the heart of Google algorithm. This is why your blog posts are not ranking because of multiniche website.

Writing arbitrary articles on multi niches confuses the google algorithm.
 It becomes difficult for Google to understand you as an authority if you keep writing on random niches.

Although creating multi Niche blog doesn’t mean you can’t rank for Google SERP.  If you could provide a helpful article in a particular category, Google will display it on the SERP, acknowledging that category of your multi-niche blog.

Creating multi Niche blog is marvelous if you know how to manage blog categories article wise.

Harleena Singh ma’am blog AHa-Now is the best example of the successful multi Niche blog.
She managed the categories excellently; a newbie can learn so many lessons from her super successful blog.

Example of multi Niche blog

  1. Food
  2. Personal Finance
  3. Health and Fitness
  4. Fashion
  5. Beauty and Fashion
  6. Lifestyle
  7. Personal Development

8. Are you Violating Google’s policies?

There are also chances that your writing talent may be Violating Search engines policies.

Search engines like Google don’t like when someone post articles which are not helpful or promoting content and services which are implicitly not ethical.
Any post supporting terrorist act, online scams, Fake news, data piracy breach, hacking, cracking tutorial, hate speech, adultery cannot get ranking on the Search engine SERP. This is why your blog posts are not ranking because of Google’s policy violation.

9. Your website or Blog has a high spam score

Why Your Blog Posts are not ranking? - photo shows spam score checking domain
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Go to Moz’s after Login and paste your Blog link. Click on spam tab from the left side and see your Spam score. 
If it is greater than 30%, then it is a significant concern for you.

You should try to minimize your spam score.  Otherwise, Google may penalize your blog.
There are many things you can do to improve your spam score. Remove unwanted spam links from your blog which are irrelevant. 
Sometimes people do spam linking to gain benefits without understanding the basics of backlinking. That’s Why Your Blog Posts are not ranking, Fix it now!

10. Not promoting the Content

Why Your Blog Posts are not ranking? - promote your content on social media to get more exposure
to ur choice of audience.
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One thing I want to confess that your childhood friend or colleagues, buddies will never visit your site until they have personal interest attached to your Blog.

It is Unfortunate, but it is how the world works. That is why SEO comes in the game.
SEO takes time to work in place. Apart from SEO, there are other content promotion strategies. You are not sharing your post on social media that’s why your blog posts are not ranking.

In that humble beginning, every Blogger must use the other traffic sources which are social media channels, paid promotion strategies, and Guest posting.
Using Quora and Pinterest can give you initial traffic speed up to your traffic growth. 
You can also make Slides and ppt presentation and submit on Slideshare and other places.
Image submission is a similar process which you can use to get beginning views.

11. Not building a relationship with other  Blogger

Why Your Blog Posts are not ranking? - build relationship with other bloggers to get some visitors
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Establishing a philanthropic connection with fellow bloggers can change your life as a Blogger.

Ryan Biddulph the founder of blogging from paradise, a famous pro blogger who is a master in it.   You can learn many lessons from Ryan Sir.

Building connections with fellow bloggers and sharing their content on your facebook timeline helps you to get noticed into their eyes.

The more you give selflessly to others, the more positive you will get in return. It is the secret law of karma. Therefore, It is the reason every pro blogger never hesitate to share others post.

Always remember, being a Blogger, it is not about competing with others. It is all about becoming a better version of yourself and keeps creating quality content for your readers and stay humble when success opens the door for you.

Anil Agarwal the ProBlogger is the best example of it in the Blogging industry.
Now you know why rich people have rich friends, and poor people have poor friends. Its all about making connections and spreading hope and happiness in the Blogosphere.

12. Your Website structure – [ theme and layout ]

Improving website structure plays a crucial role to get the boost in the SERP ranking. A better site structure means Google can better understand your website specification.

Implementing an amazing but responsive theme for the blog is always a good option. It helps readers to get a perfect view of your blog on their mobile devices.
The responsive theme gets adjusted automatically on the audience screens with exact resolution.

Most of the new bloggers are interested in using AMP these days. Apart from that Table of content and breadcrumbs are helpful for search engines like google to get the complete blog structure.

13. Not using the social sharing button on your Blog

Why Your Blog Posts are not ranking?
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What social Media sharing button can do for your blog is not hidden from anyone.

For an Idea, when we published our previous post, what is SEO?
We got more than 70 + Shares within 12 hours, and it is still growing organically.
Therefore,  if you are a blogger than in the initial phase, you cannot miss having Social sharing button on your Blog.

14. Not responding to your initial commenters.

Another reason, why most of the bloggers will not be able to achieve financial success through their blog?
Such bloggers rarely reply to the commenters on their blog. 
 Replying to the comment helps the blogger to build a connection with their audience.
They are the potential consumer of your content who may get converted into the customer If you reply to them suitably. That’s Why Your Blog Posts are not ranking.

15. Your page loading speed is not excellent

Why Your Blog Posts are not ranking? -website speed is very important for seo
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If you are running a blog, then you should optimize your blog speed for fast loading.  Any blog loading within 1- 3 seconds is a good loading speed.
Hosting plays a significant role in page speed; Therefore you should use a good hosting company. 

16. Not having a proper schedule for the post

Every blogger must create a blogging routine; It helps loyal readers to get back to the blog for reading the new post at fixed time or day.
Apart from that Google crawlers automatically starts coming to your Blog at a regular interval of time.

This may be reasons that’s why your blog posts are not ranking.
If Google crawlers come to your blog at a particular interval; It means you have a better chance to rank on the SERP.

17. Be Persistent in your work

Don’t be impatient and let your article to take some time to get ranked on the SERP.  Persistency is the key to the Blogging industry.
Have faith in your abilities and try to create helpful articles. On average, a new post may take 30 days to get rank on Google.

18. Domain age and Date Factor

You can easily see the date on the few SERP results. Dates mentioned in the post Url help your content to index on the SERP.
Domain age also has an impact on SEO; Google caffeine update favors time-specific post. That’s Why Your Blog Posts are not ranking in search engines.
 Therefore if your post is related to a specific date, You must mention that.
 Google loves updated content.


In this post, we have shared Why your blog posts are not ranking?
If we have missed something, please let us know via your comment. We reply to every comment.
Thanks for giving your valuable time.
Please keep smiling and happy Blogging.
Sharing is Caring.


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