What is Search Engine Optimization? – Basic Guide 2019


SEO is a generic term in the world of digital marketing which stands for Search Engine Optimization.

In this post, we have described “what is Search Engine Optimization? in an uncomplicated way.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

what is search engine optimization:
image is showing a search bar with the worlds map in blue colour.
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Search engine shows relevant content all over the world which helps people a lot.

The Internet is the ocean of vast knowledge, and Companies like Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and many more are responsible for structuring the internet data through their search engines.

These structured data are called Serps in distinct search engines. SERP stands for Search Engine Results Page.

Google, Bing, and Yahoo are the most influential and dominant search engines on the internet. Ranking blog post on the top position of them is the primary focus of every blogger

The higher you will rank on these search engines the more internet/organic visitors you will be able to attract on your blog, and more visitors means a high success rate in the digital world.

Therefore, SEO means Search Engine Optimization which is an art of bringing internet/organic traffic to the respective blog or website through achieving higher ranking on the distinguished search engines

Search Engine Usage by Percentage wise

According to the Global Stats report of the StatCounter, the top five search engines sending traffic worldwide.

1. Google92.92%
2. Bing2.38%
3. Yahoo1.79%
4. YANDEX RU0.55%
5. DuckDuckGO0.38%

The Benefits of Implementing SEO on the Blog

The Benefits of Implementing SEO on the Blog:
IMG showing effects in ranking after search engine optimization.
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Search Engine Optimization effects rankings and gives you more Organic Traffic

Every blogger must try to implement SEO strategies on their blog; It is will help them to get the boost on the search engines.

  1. SEO is like a boon for the new bloggers who are trying to create space for themselves on the crowded place of the internet. It helps those new writers to get organic visitors on their blog without spending a time for that traffic.
  2. SEO helps you to get only quality traffic from the internet those visitors are genuinely interested in the reading about the topic you write.
  3. Traffic from the search engine works on autopilot mode which keeps coming from the internet. You don’t need to put lots of efforts after getting top rankings. In simple term, search engine traffic is the natural creek of traffic.
  4. There is a monetary aspect associated with SEO traffic. Blogger can convert that commercial aspect to their independent financial institution.
  5. By getting higher rankings on the respective search engine, there are chances to get repeat visitors which is not possible with other sources of traffic like the social network in which your post feed gets buried in the archives after some time.
  6. Implement SEO strategies alerts you about the global trends going on the blogosphere. It gives a healthy competitive environment to every blogger which reinforce them to create only quality content. After all, healthy competition is always essential for progress.
  7. SEO also helps you to track whether your blog growth is positive or negative. A periodic analysis can help you to protect your website interest and lead your website or blog from darkness to the light.

Classification of SEO?

Mostly SEO is categorized into three major parts which further contains subparts. Therefore after knowing about what is SEO; let’s dig into the classification of SEO.

  • On-site SEO
  • Off-site SEO
  • On-page SEO

On-site SEO

Registering your website or blog on those search engine is the first step towards SEO.

Allowing search engines robots, crawlers, and spiders to your blog help you to get indexed on their data centers.

Doing that is the primitive form of SEO for your blog which is essential to get noticed on the search engines without doing that search engines as Google and Bing will barely see your blog but if you do so your chances will get an increase to rising in the SERP.

On-site SEO is the art of maintaining the guideline described by distinct search engines for the entire website.

On-site SEO involves Site structure, internal linking and technical perspective of the whole website or blog.

Offsite SEO

Offsite SEO involves creating connections with fellow bloggers and leveraging their market by getting backlinks from their blogs to our blog.

The entire process comes under the concept of Offsite SEO.

It is not a fast process; you have to get involved emotionally with other bloggers of related niche and understand their concern first to get backlinks from them.

Once the faith is nurtured in you guys; then you will get backlinks automatically.
Getting targeted backlinks for your blog is not only the reason to create connections.

Indeed, connections are built to learn and grow together with fellow blogging pals and learn something new from them every day.

SEO is just a medium to make new friends and share your work experiences.

There is a large community of engaging bloggers out there whom you can approach to get started with making connections.

Few such communities are The Helping Hand, Let’s grow together and Blogging Lift On Facebook.

On Page Seo

On page Seo is the most significant part of the SEO. It deals with a single post. Every Seo expert is obsessed with on page Seo strategies.

I am also one of those bloggers. On page Search Engine optimization includes Keyword searching and targeting the user intent to sort out visitors issues in the post.

With every passing day, the search engines are getting better and better. They can track the quality of your post and rank them accordingly unbiased.

The most important thing to notice is that time to time search engines like Google keeps updating its algorithm to improve the quality of web document.  So one should keep updating their skills on technical, social, creative dimension.

The better the user experience for the visitor the better will be the chances to rank on the SERP.

Lots of internet search engines like Google are giving more preference to On page SEO these days. The better content quality creates opportunities to rank higher on the search engines.

How Search Engine Optimization serves Blog?

Blogs are an excellent way to get more clients and make sales. For that one need to implement SEO appropriately otherwise; it can backfire all your efforts.

The search engine like Google is so much strict about their SEO guidelines.

So Never violet them by following any unethical SEO strategies like spamming Url or buying backlinks links.

The right way to implement SEO is to have a goal before implementing SEO strategies for your blog.

Therefore take one step at one particular time.

  • Start with On-Site Search Engine Optimization first
  • Then move to On page Search Engine Optimization
  • Lastly, go for Off-page Search Engine Optimizatio

Be aware of Negative (SEO) Search Engine Optimization?

Negative Search Engine Optimization :
graph showing crash in search engine ranking
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Graph showing crash in search engine rankings

As the internet is getting bigger lots of people are entering in the technology.  Many of them work with evil intentions, they want to achieve success at any cost, and they are ready to do damages to anyone.

Thankfully technologies are available to counter them. Negative SEO is the one aspect of that evil intention.

In this post, I don’t want to describe the negative SEO attacking.

Instead, I want to mention specific tool which can protect your online assets from those attacks.  Google disavow tool is one such tool.

These tools are high-intensity tools. Inappropriate use can harm the traffic of the website or blog.

Entrepreneurial mindset and SEO are a lethal weapon together.

Every business needs to market their product or service online. Through internet business, the owner can sell their product anywhere in the world.

The quality of traffic these search engine offers can increase the growth of any business exponentially.

Apart from that, there is various revenue generating model available in the blogosphere.

Hence, implementing an entrepreneurial mindset and SEO in the digital age is a lethal weapon together to expand the business to achieve the heights.


SEO is a medium to express blog details to the search engine in order to get traffic from them.

In this post, we have elaborated what is SEO in the simplest way. If you enjoyed reading it, please feel free to give us your internet love through sharing this post.

Finally, we are thankful to you for giving us your valuable time to read the post about SEO basic.

Sharing is Caring.

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