Off Page SEO Strategies [The Batman Theory for Higher SERPs 2019]


SEO is an enjoyable way to get free traffic from Google; but for that, you must rank higher on SERP. Off-page SEO Strategies can help you achieve that.

Hi, my name is Santosh Gairola, I’m presenting you the best Off page SEO strategies 2019 for your Blog.

In this post, we are not focused on Link Building activities as Google algorithm is getting smarter day by day; you can rank without building links.

Yes, you heard it right with the right strategies, it is possible now. Google is becoming less dependent on links and more focused on Quality of content, branding, user intent, and user signals.

Google is focusing more on ON Page SEO, and link building is losing its significance in coming time.

For that purpose, Off-page SEO is beautifully evolving in its fundamental nature of existence.

After applying off page techniques mentioned on this post; you can improve your rankings on the SERP results.

first thing first!!

What is Off Page SEO?

Off page SEO is a practice which helps in getting higher ranking on the search engines like Google and Bing by implementing significant methodologies of Digital marketing. Hence, Off page SEO is the event happening outside your Blog or website which helps you to bring free traffic on your blog. The most important thing about Off page SEO is that it is not only about Link building; It is much more that.

what is off page SEO?
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Off Page SEO Strategies

 Let’s go straight to the post-juice and learn strategies of OFF page SEO.

What are the off Page SEO strategies?

If you are unaware of SEO basics, you can destroy your blog’s whole reputation on the internet. As there are multiple ways to ruin a Blog and not get ranking again.

The most common way to ruin your blog is by creating spammy links on the other websites and blog which are penalized by Google’s Algorithm updates.

Off-Page seo strategies : stop creating spammy links to your website
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Off Page SEO strategies : stop creating spam links to your website

The good thing is you can learn why your blog posts are not ranking and how to improve them!

This post is not for beginners who have no idea about SEO!

Therefore, if you are new in SEO; we request you to please check out our past post, what is Search engine Optimization?

In this post, we have introduced five SEO strategies which go beyond link Building. These are the step by step off-page SEO strategies which helps you to overcome all your branding issues.
After completing this post, you will be able to understand all these concepts of Off-Page SEO discussed below.

  • Start with On Page SEO theory?
  • Learn about Batman Theory of OFF PAGE SEO?
  • Off-page SEO  Domain Authority fake news 
  • Genuinely help other [Social sharing]
  • Take control of your Blog or website

Start with On Page SEO theory?

Always start your SEO practices with on page SEO. On Page SEO means creating valuable content for the audience and getting ranking on the SERP. On page SEO  must be proper; otherwise, my friends practicing Off-page SEO could be a disastrous experience for your Blog.

The Seven most fundamental On page SEO practice involves the following.

  1. Creating Great heading which is known as Title of the post.
  2. Writing well-formulated Description Meta tags.
  3. Giving structure to the post by using different headers.
  4. Better usage of attractive Image with proper Alt tags.
  5. Optimum Page Loading speed.
  6. Lowering grammatical mistakes.
  7. Submitting a blog post to Search engine Console.

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Albeit, there are almost 200 combined Off page and On page SEO factors which are directly responsible for Search engine ranking. Every On page Seo factor is vast in themselves, for example, creating Title for a blog post involves many attributes.

Sue-Ann Bubacz from revealed the secret of writing SEO optimized titles for your blog post.

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Learn about Batman Theory of OFF PAGE SEO?

Our post on Off page SEO strategies do start from Batman Theory of OFF PAGE SEO?
To understand how Batman’s ideology can help us in OFF PAGE SEO. Let’s have a look at batman’s Characteristics.

batman theory of off page seo
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Off Page SEO in Batman’s Style

Batman is such an influential character; the qualities Batman posses attract us towards him;

A billionaire entrepreneur named Bruce Wayne who secretly fight with goons of Gotham city, and protects the civilians.

He doesn’t have any superpower like Superman, Spiderman, or Thor which makes us realize that he is an ordinary man who has become extraordinary with his efforts. His servant Alfred who supervises all the secret gadgets and tech weapons of Batman is his hidden power which makes him super powerful, Hero.

The best thing about Batman that he started from conquering his fear. He turned his darkness Phobia into his strength which he uses against his enemies. It represents the strong psychology of Batman which makes him complete superhero.  Most of the Bloggers are also going through various worries like the fear of not being able to get traffic or fear of not getting financial stability through their Blog.

Whereas, the reality is there are infinite possibilities in Blogging when you overcome your fear. The only thing you required is the courage to fulfill your desires.

Batman is a hope to turn the weakness into the strength, and failure into success. Every day he tries to become a better version of himself.

The Aura of Batman is majestic, the way he carries himself; the way he makes a decision is magnificent. He is invincible in every situation.

Similarly, In Blogging, you will come across various situations but if your blog is exceptional in every perspective. You will keep ruling the SERPS.

Therefore, It is not about building links; it is all about presenting your blog in an authentic way to the blogosphere.

 Do you have a tagline for your blog which could express your Blog motive?
As Reddit says, they are the first page of the internet, and we say Learn Blogging with your Pal.

Tag lines are a significant part of off-page SEO strategies which create an instant impact on readers mind.

Now let’s get deeper into Batman’s OFF PAGE SEO strategies.

  • Guard your Online identity.
  • Maintain Trust issues.
  • Don’t take the easy choice

Guard your Online identity

Guard your identity : batman theory of off page seo
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Off Page SEO Strategies : Guard Your Identity

It starts with presenting yourself. The black dress and bat Symbol on the chest is the symbol of Batman’s Identity.

Similarly, your Brand Logo and icon of the blog are your entrepreneurial identities. Design them with passion; they will represent your brand in a noisy world

Ankush Saha discussed How To Make A Logo For Website if you need one.

Read: 10 Steps To Make A Logo For Website

The second point I want to bring in your notice is your profile picture.

Keep your timeline clean and garbage proof. Never share useless stuff (memes) which is unrelated to your branding Persona or personal aspect on your professional profile. Most importantly, Keep your profile pictures same in every social media platform so that people could easily recognize your brand by seeing your Logo.

As we all know a big black bat is the Logo of Batman. Do you have something unique like that?

For example, our Twitter handler has our domain name @bloggingpal which is easy to get us everywhere.

Maintain Trust Issues.

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Grow together by helping each other and maintain trust issue.

Batman is the self-disciplined superHero. He always does what is right, not what is comfortable. Controlling impulse is one such quality of Batman; No matter how the worse situation may get; he never compromises with any Villian.

Gotham city has a wide range of criminals who are sometimes psychologically and physically stronger than Batman Whether they are Two-face, Scarecrow, Joker, Bane.
These supervillains are always ready to do all kind of stupid things, but Batman will never lose his impulse on them.

It is the dominant characteristic of Batman which makes him super reliable and Trustworthy which helps Commissioner Gordon to trust him in the adverse situation because he knows Batman will never let him down by breaking the law.

Similarly, create your Blog and website trustworthily; Provide only upright content to the users which will help you to win their heart.

Don’t just sell anything through your Blog which is not suiting to your audience. Treat your Blog as your Babe and never breach the security issues associated with Google or your user.

Don’t take the easy choice.

the batman theory of off page seo : dont make easy choices
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Batman is unpredictable who doesn’t believe in taking help from others.

Yes, you heard it right, Batman is the most badass superhero who doesn’t like to get surrounded in the crowd.

It is the reason; he is not an active member of justice Leauge. He learns his lesson in a hard way.

Similarly, if you are a newbie blogger who has published just six posts on his blog; in those circumstances never approach a pro blogger to get a straight backlink pointing to your Blog.

Nobody wants to give straight juice to the newbie blogger. It can hurt the pro blogger’s credibility on the internet.

Only, if you have something to offer for a pro blogger than ask for it, otherwise learn your lessons from the hard way.

The thing you can offer in your initial days may be an incredible piece of infographics, video, audio podcast, Blog post, or something like that which should provide the real value to the pro bloggers Audience.

By saying real value means creating such a content which should be resourceful for a ProBlogger.

Unfortunately, most of the new bloggers only want to capitalize on the hard work of pro bloggers and don’t want to deliver anything in return to those ProBlogger.

It is the straightforward reason they will not reply to all those spam emails.

About us page on your blog is the most important page.

off page seo strategies : bat man theory: about us
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Link your all social media profiles to your about us page. Describe something about you as an individual.

It grows Google trust on your website and who so ever visit your blog gets a straight sign about the person who is behind the incredible Blog.

That helps search engines and social media to fight against the fake news. Google loves authority websites which are precise with their intentions.

Such blogs easily get changed into Brands. QuestionCage is one such brand.  They talk about Technology, WordPress,  SEO, Social Media Hacks to Make Money Online as mentioned on their official page.

Know More: Navin Rao is the founder of the

Genuinely help other [Social sharing]

Problem is we want to become brand from day one. We expect people will share our content on their timeline.

Fact is no one does that or cares until you are rich or celebrity. Therefore help others by sharing their content. Once you have started sharing others content, they will reciprocate by sharing yours.

That is how Blogosphere operates.

Take control of your Blog or website

Yes, there are advantages of building backlinks, but that need to be done correctly.
Give votes to the fellow bloggers on Quora and other platforms like medium; if you find their answer helpful. They will revert the same love to you.

Make relationships not backlinks; Once you have established a relationship with fellow bloggers. You will automatically get backlinks from authority websites.

Off Page SEO Strategies [The Batman Theory for Higher SERPs 2019] 1
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Bonus for You

Want Your Article on 1st Page of Google?

It is a legitimate way to do off Page SEO these days. Participate in online group discussion, seminars, and webinars. Try Local Meetups. Word of mouth is also a great option to spread your brand awareness.

Create your Blog Business Card and introduce yourself with that card to the particular person.

In contemporary to Blogging; most of the new Bloggers are afraid to represent themselves in front of others. They have no idea how to introduce themselves? The day they will able to do that, on that day they will be able to win their psychological warfare.

Ultimately, That will help them to influence people and win their heart. It is helpful in turning the adverse situation to their corner. 

Work on your vocabulary, use only dignified terms such attitude helps in getting royal fans and friend. Never present yourself superior to other bloggers who have just started; in fact, encourage them, mentor them.


In this post, we have shared Off Page SEO strategy.  After executing these OFF page strategies you can get the boost in the ranking.

If you liked the post; please feel free to share it on the web so that emerging bloggers could know the strategies of the OFF PAGE SEO.


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  2. What a great off page seo strategies. I must say you made it clear that the future of off page seo is not building spammy links but building reputation and trust.

    Of course we all know that link building is failing as off page seo.

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