How To Start a Blog In India And Make Money Online By Just Working 3 Hours a Day?

Blogging is one of the lucrative Businesses that people started as a hobby thing but has later transitioned into a full time business for many.

And I’m sure you also want to know How To Start a Blog In India, that’s why you are here right?

And no doubt Blogging is actuality one of the best ways to make money online that have made many people rich.

In India Many and many people today are well aware about Blogging because of the mass media exposure and emergence of Awesome bloggers in the Indian blogging community who have inspired thousands and lakhs of people not only in india but all around the globe.

So that’s why Blogging is seen as a noble profession by many youngsters in India and it’s actually something that people can do without having to compromise with their passion and leaving their home.

Blogging isn’t a typical 9 – 5 job, it’s much better than that, it’s the freedom to work from anywhere you want and to live a boss FREE life.

Blogging is preaching and teaching what you love to do and at the same time collecting lucrative $ money in the process.

So if you’re a beginner and want to learn the exact process of building and running a professional blog then keep reading this article because in this article I’m gonna be sharing with you How you can start a profitable blog in India from scratch.

Even if you’re a Beginner and have never started a blog before, you’re not going to find it difficult because I’m going to cover each and every step of starting a blog in India in this article.

So let’s dive right in.

Here’s a quick Disclaimer before you jump into the article.

Blogging is not a Get rich quick scheme and scamming business, It takes time to master all the different aspects of blogging, many people enter into blogging with the mindset that they will start a blog today and money will start pouring in into your bank account from the next day, No my friends it doesn’t work like that.

So if you’re looking for an easy Quick way to make money that is going to make you lots of money overnight, then my friend you can immediately leave this article, blogging is not for you, and you will not find any information regarding getting rich overnight in this article, But if you’re brave Enough to learn, grow and have patience while running your blog then you can continue and learn how to start a blog.

Here are some Pre Requirements before I show you how to start a blog in India.

  1. Blogging is written content mostly so you have to fall in love with writing.
  2. You have to Genuinely love your Niche or topic that you’re going to write about, or otherwise you will get bored with writing. (Don’t know what a niche is? Learn more about Niche.)
  3. You have to be patient when It’s not pouring in money for you and have to figure out that one thing that’s keeping you away form Making money.
  4. You have to Genuinely care about your audience and you have to always be authentic all the time with your audience, because the whole lifeline of your online business depends upon audience and their trust.

Sounds good? So let’s move ahead.

You can start a super successful blog in india by following the below mentioned steps one by one with no steps skipped.

Step 1: Choose a Niche For Your Blog

What is a Niche?

A niche is the topic or category about which you will write articles in your blog.

It can also be defined as a targeted Group of interest, that have specific type of audience interested in them having similar type of behavior.

Niche selection is very important before you even start your blog because without without a niche your blog will be direction less, you have to know what topic you will write on your blog before you even start your blog.

Niche can be about anything, it can be about Cricket, Fashion, Gaming, Health, Money management, Finances, Relationship or anything that you are interested to write about.

But just remember one thing, your blog should be about only one niche or category, you should not write about various different topics on your blog, otherwise your blog’s not gonna do as well.

Also read: Our Proven and Tested Formula For Finding a Profitable Niche For Your Blog.

I hope you’ve selected a solid niche for your blog, because this step is super important and it’s going to be necessary when we move further on our next steps.

So after you’re done with selecting your niche, now we can move on to our next step which is….

Step 2: Select a Name For Your Blog

We humans are designed by our almighty creator in a way that we remember everything by names, it have been hardwired in humans brains since primal age.

That’s why humans name everything, your parents named you after your birth, you parents have a Name, your brother, sisters, heck even your pet have a name.

That’s how important names are.

We recognise things by name.

So choose a Good name for your blog that’s unique and easy to remember for the person who will visit your blog.

Here are some more awesome tips to name your blog.

You should Name your blog that matches or goes will with your blog’s niche.

For example: our blog’s name is BloggingPal (the blog you’re reading right now), and anyone would know that it is a blog about blogging that teaches people about Blogging specifically by just reading the name or the domain name of our blog.

So choose a name that aligns with your blog’s niche, that goes well with your blog’s niche.

Here are some more tips find a good name for your blog.

  1. Your blog’s Name should be short and unique.
  2. Your Blog’s name should resonate with the niche of your blog and it should be easy for people to relate to your blog’s niche.
  3. Name should grab people’s mind in one go.
  4. You should also consider Creating a short tagline for the name of your blog, ex: our blog’s tagline is “Helping hand for Bloggers”.

So that’s how you can choose a great name for your Blog that will not only grab your readers attention but will also help your brand name to be remembered in the coming days.

PRO TIP: don’t be too hard on finding names, don’t stress this process too much because it’s not about the name, it’s all about the work you will do on your blog.

Because you’re the reader of BloggingPal we want to offer you Two more PRO TIPS that’s super awesome and something which is going to blow your mind.

Are you ready for those PRO TIPS?

PRO TIP 1: Check the name that you have selected for your blog in, This tool will allow you to find all the available domain names extensions and social media handles related to the name that you searched for.

PRO TIP 2: if you’re having trouble with finding a name for your blog then go to, here you can enter the keyword that you want to name your blog with and it will show you all of the different Name suggestions that you can name for your blog.

And yes after you got a cool Name from for your blog then you can use to check whether that domain name and the social media handles for that name are available or not.

Did you like this tip? C’MON I know you loved this tip.

Ok so now let’s move on to our next step.

Step 3: Get Domain Name and a Hosting Account

Before we get your domain name and hosting account for your blog let’s first understand what are they and why you need them for your blog.

What is a Domain Name?

Domain name: a domain name is the address of your blog or website which the users will type in their Browser address bar to reach your blog.

Ex: is our blog’s domain name and it is the address of our blog, anyone can visit our blog by putting our blog’s address in their browser’s search bar.

Here https:// is known as Hyper text transfer protocol secure, and you don’t need to worry about that.

Here BloggingPal is my domain name.

And .com is the domain name extension.

So the address of your blog is called the domain name.

Always try to go for .com domain extension because it’s widely popular and best works with the blogs that are not country specific.


If you want to create a country specific blog then you can go for domain extensions like .in etc.

Remember this tool ? Find if the domain you want to register is available or not and all the social media handles available or not using

What is a Hosting Account?

Hosting Account: Hosting account or simply hosting is a computer that is running 24/7 that Hosts all of your blog’s files and data which is very important for your blog.

And a blog is nothing but a type of website only, and a hosting is very important to run a website.

Hosting is responsible for displaying user an actual structure of Websites if they vist your blog.

Because domain name is just an address to reach your website and the actual website is built in hosting account.

So that’s why hosting plays a vital role in a blogs success.

Hosting account is also responsible for the speed of your website or the loading time of your website.

And that’s why we recommend Siteground Hosting for Hosting a blog, it’s the best Hosting service we’ve ever used.

We use Siteground hosting on all of our blogs and our client’s blogs to get the Highest performance on our blogs.

Here’s what people say about SiteGround Hosting.

How To Start a Blog In India
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How To Start a Blog In India
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How To Start a Blog In India
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How To Start a Blog In India
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How To Start a Blog In India
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How To Start a Blog In India
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Yoast uses SiteGround hosting
How To Start a Blog In India
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Harsh Agrawal a reputed veteran blogger from india use Siteground Hosting
How To Start a Blog In India
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How To Start a Blog In India
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How To Start a Blog In India
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Wpbeginner uses SiteGround hosting

Here is a step by step tutorial to buy the domain name and hosting from Siteground

Step 1: Click Here to get 70% Discount on SIteground Hosting.

Step 2: You will land on the siteground’s Official Website which will look like the screenshot attached below

How To Start a Blog In India
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Step 3: Select Managed WordPress Hosting (Highlighted with red color in the screenshot) because we’re going to create a WordPress blog, and click on Get Started Button, and you will land on the pricing table of WordPress Hosting Plans like the Screenshot attached Below.

How To Start a Blog In India
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Step 4: Select your preferred pricing plan, I will recommend you to Select the Grow Big Plan as you can host multiple websites, blogs and domain names in that hosting plan, and if you go with the Starter plan then you can only host one website, so choose your hosting plan accordingly.

Step 5: Whatever Plan You’ve selected, Click on Get Plan Button, and you’ll be taken to the next page, where you can either register a new domain name for your blog or you can enter a domain name if you already have one. the page will look like the screenshot attached below, register a new domain name if you don’t have any.

How To Start a Blog In India
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Step 6: Next you will be taken to the checkout page containing details of the hosting plan that you have selected and the cost of a domain name, and your billing information, Fill in all the fields with correct information.

How To Start a Blog In India
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How To Start a Blog In India
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How To Start a Blog In India
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How To Start a Blog In India
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Step 7: Confirm all the conditions and recheck all the fields if it’s filled with the correct information and click on the Pay Now Button and complete the payment.

Step 8: After that, you will be taken to a new page after a successful transaction, Simply proceed to the customer area from there (Screenshot attached below)

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Step 9: It will take you to another page, from where you can set your WordPress blog (Screenshot attached Below)

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Step 10: Now Simply Follow along all the screenshots provided below to install and access your WordPress dashboard.

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  • Save
  • Save
  • Save

Step 11: By now you should have received an email from Siteground to confirm your account, be sure to confirm your account because they may even cancel your account if you don’t confirm it, they do this to verify that you are a real human (Screenshot of emails attached below)

  • Save
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Step 12: Ok Now let’s continue installing WordPress and Accessing our WordPress dashboard, Follow along the screenshots provided below to install and access your WordPress dashboard.

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Bonus: If you think that this is too much money for you to start a blog then you can go with Indian Web Hosting companies instead of Siteground, You can use Hostsoch to purchase your domain name and hosting if you want an affordable yet effective solution (this is also a good hosting service), but for the best performance of your blog we will always recommend Siteground.

Why we chose WordPress as our Content Management System For Blogging?

WordPress is the most popular content management system for blogging out there on the internet.

Over 71 million websites in the world use WordPress, and 59% of all Websites on the Internet uses WordPress.

How To Start a Blog In India
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And this is why we choose WordPress for Blogging because its the best blogging platform.

Step 4: Install WordPress

If you’re still confused about how to purchase and Install WordPress on SiteGround Hosting then Here’s a short video explaining how you can install WordPress on your SiteGround hosting easily.

Step 5: Install a Good WordPress Theme

A theme is the whole layout and structure of a Blog, and a theme is very much responsible for the functionality design and other design aspects of your blog.

So you have to make sure that you choose the best possible theme for your blog.

And GeneratePress Premium is the most popular and the best WordPress theme we’ve ever came across.

Ask any Successful Blogger and they will recommend you GeneratePress theme.

How To Start a Blog In India
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We use GeneratePress Premium on every blog we create, that’s how much we’ve been impressed with the GeneratePress theme.

Buy GeneratePress theme now using This Discounted link at 40% OFF.

Also read: GeneratePress Premium review: our one year of experience with GeneratePress

Step 6: Do Some Basic WordPress Settings

After you’re done with installing WordPress and installing a premium theme like GeneratePress, now it’s time to do some of the initial wordpress settings that will help us to make our wordpress blog function better.

So we have to do some minor settings in the settings area like:

  1. Changing the permalink structure.
  2. Deleting all the default wordpress posts and pages.
  3. Deleting all the default WordPress installed plugins.
  4. deleting all the default wordpress comments
  5. creating all the necessary pages
  6. Installing all the necessary plugins

And there are lots of other things as well that we need to after installing wordpress.

For more information read our guide: What to do after installing WordPress

Step 7: Write Your First Blog Content

Now ladies and gentlemen it is the time to show your skills, it’s the time you show to the world what you’ve made of.

Start publishing valuable content for your blog, because that’s what blog’s are meant for.

Blogs are created to share information with the world, so don’t delay anymore go out make some noise write tons of content and be an authority in your niche, that’s how you will grow in blogging.

Also Read Our Guide On: How to Write the Most Engaging blog Content for your Blog.

Step 8: Promote Your Content

Content promotion is an important part of blogging and without content promotion your content will not reach as much people as it would with content promotion.

Here are some of the cool tactics for content promotion that actually works and you can apply these same tactics to bring some initial traffic to your content.

  1. Write SEO optimized blog posts, SEO traffic is the most valuable traffic of all.
  2. Share your content on LinkedIn
  3. Share your content on Quora
  4. Share your content on twitter, Facebook, and other social networks.

Doing above will bring some initial traffic to your blog and you can start building your audience right from the beginning in this way.

Final words

So I hope you’ve now learned how to start a blog in India in as effective way as possible.

Now it’s your turn, and it’s just the beginning of your journey, the best is yet to come and congratulations on starting your blog I wish massive success to you ahead, India Needs More Awesome Bloggers Like You.

One small request: if you learned something form this article, and if this article was really helpful to you then do consider sharing this content with your social media accounts this help us reach more amazing bloggers like you.

How To Start a Blog In India
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How Much Money is Needed to start a blog in India?

Initially, you can start a blog in India in as low as Rs 2500, but if you want to start a really powerful and great blog then it comes with a cost and you have to make an investment in buying a premium hosting account and a domain name from SiteGround, Which will cost you at least Rs 7500 In India.

Can You Start a Blog in Hindi?

Yes you can absolutely start a blog in the Hindi language in fact Hindi language content is consumed more than English content in India nowadays.

Can You Make Money From Blogging?

Yes Absolutely you can make money from blogging, but you have to give your 100% inorder to make money from blogging and you will have to work hard.

What Is The Best Way To Make Money From Blogging?

Affiliate Marketing is the best Way to make money from affiliate marketing.

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