How can Google Analytics increase Organic Traffic [ In 3 Steps ]


Do you know by implementing the right strategies Google Analytics can increase your organic traffic?

Yes, Google analytics plays a major role in SEO. So if you haven’t connected Google Search Console and Google analytics; I advise you to do that immediately for maximum profit of this article.

Watch: how to connect Google Analytics With Search Console

Without a proper reporting system, you cannot track your progress in the Blogging universe. You can easily add Google’s Search console to Google Analytics.

A brief description of Google Analytics

GA is a free analytical tool provided by technology giant, Google. If you are a Blogger, you cannot ignore the benefits of GA. Google Analytics gives you a comprehensive report of your Blog’s different aspect. The report contains various segments of valuable information which is your gold mine; if used properly.

Google Analytics increase traffic organically
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By merging the post-Google Analytics Strategy with on page SEO and Batman’s theory off page SEO; you can dominate the SERPS without link building. Yes, you heard it right without backlinks.

So if you don’t know why your post is not ranking on Google, this article of Blogging pal will help you to sort out your issues.

Here are the parts of the Google analytics report

  • The first segment of GA is related to tracking real-time visitors of the Blog.
  • Audience segment has a detailed report on your Audience on the predefined time frame.
  • In Acquisition segment, you can trace your SEO goal and achievement.
  • Behaviour Report helps you to understand how your Visitors are responding.
  • Conversion Segment helps in tracking the Sales Funnel.
  • Discover Segment is the studio where you can learn so much about GA .
  • Admin section for the configuration work.

Google analytics provides real-time Audiences statics. You can see from where your users are visiting your blog which devices they are using to access your blog.

You can use this information to understand your Audience Geolocation and get personalized with the users through your content.  The real-time display looks something like this.

How can Google Analytics increase Organic Traffic [ In 3 Steps ] 2
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Each segment contains many internal reports. Analyzing these reports and taking action based on them can give you a massive boost in the ranking. In this post, we will figure out how you could improve your search engine presence on SERP based on Google analytics report.

The relation of Content creation and Google analytics

Your success is directly dependent on how you utilize your Google Analytics report? It may sound confusing first, but trust me, understanding it is very crucial for your early success. If you are willing to do hard work; I promise glory will be yours.

The things you can achieve through GA

  • You can use GA reports to find out which keywords are ranking on which position.
  • You can use GA reports to Track your impressions v/s click through rate.
  • You can use GA reports for understanding user’s intent and location.

 Your definition of success may be different from someone else. In this post, we are supposing that getting maximum traffic and generating maximum revenue is your definition of success. Strategies to improve your blog traffic through Google analytics can help you to do that.

Now let’s see how to do that?

Step 1

 Firstly, forget about everything about your Blog specifications. Just focus on a few things.

(i) – Add Email subscription feature in anyhow cost. Trust me; it will help you to get financial stability in the coming time. Similarly, don’t forget to add essential contact us page. 

(ii) – Decide your smart monetization goal. There are many monetization modules available in the Blogging universe. You can choose any monetization process for the future, but be precise with your monetization plan. Otherwise, you will be not able to capitalize on your traffic success.

(iii) – Define the about us, privacy policy and disclaimer page for your Blog. These pages help you to gain trust in Visitors and Google eyes.

Step 2

How can Google Analytics increase Organic Traffic [ In 3 Steps ] 3
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Log in your Google analytics and click on your Audience tab and set the Dates for the last 30 days, choose days report and see how your traffic is growing on the GA graph?

If it is increasing then it is good news for you; if not open your Excel sheet and mention your Sessions, Users, Pageviews, Avg. Session Duration, Bounce Rate into respective columns.

Now click the Compare checkbox, and match it with the previous month. It will compare the details with the last month. Now you can conclude where your progress is dropping?

 You have to closely identify which part of the report is underperforming and mention those figures on your excel sheet and now, try to improve them.

Click on Demographics Subtab of Audience Tab and view session Gender-wise.

How can Google Analytics increase Organic Traffic [ In 3 Steps ] 4
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Now you know how much percentage of males and females are visiting your Blog age wise. This information can be more useful; if your Blogging niche is the lifestyle and you own a fashion blog.

On the other hand, if your blog is on financial education or something like that. You can collect data of their age which can be used.

As you can see the people with age group 25 – 34 are visiting more to your blog as a comparison to the age group of 18 – 24 which is a positive signal; if you are targeting people with a particular age group who are financially stable.

Now you know that your Blog has the potential to monetize, but the sad point is your traffic graph is dropping as you mentioned on your excel sheet.

According to mentioned above in the first step which is why you have recorded your data on the excel sheet.

Likewise, with the combined data; you can see the location and target your potential Buyers based on their Geolocation.

Step 3

It is the most vital part; Click on Acquisition and dig deeper to search Console

How can Google Analytics increase Organic Traffic [ In 3 Steps ] 5
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As you can view queries people used to visit your Blog post. Check their Click through rate (ctr) with impressions and Average position of the keyword.

Find out the keywords which are bringing you traffic, but you haven’t included in your post. Sprinkle those keywords on the essential places but don’t make them miserable with your sentences flow.

If possible add new text in your post and update the content. Another significant point to notice is that you must know from which source you are getting max traffic.

For knowing that you can check out your Channel stream it is under Acquisition, but it will show all the significant traffic streams to you. Knowing this can help you to concentrate your energies on the right streams which could be Organic traffic, direct traffic, Social traffic or Referral.

Putting your energy in one place can help you to get maximum traffic.

As you can see Social media is performing better in this particular case of bounce rate, but Average duration is low. Therefore you can add more content to your post including the new google analytics keywords which you have gathered from queries tab.

As you are aware that your social media is working fine for you; the next step you can take is starting giving time to your niche groups. Interact with new people to make connections with authors and writers. Doing that will increase your blog engagement, and you will start getting new comments which will give a positive signal to search engines perspective.

In your scenarios adding social sharing plugin becomes essential for you.  If possible try to choose sticky sharing plugging on the left side of your post. Most of the people write from the left side to the right side. It will become easier for them to share your post.

There is one more thing which you can do to improve your online presence. Add your blog Url to all the social media profiles Like Facebook, Twitter, Quora, Pinterest, and others.

Most of the new bloggers try to hide their URL on Facebook and Twitter which is not good for their business.

There is another significant report which can tell you a lot of things about the behavior of the visitor. You can further dig that which option is performing better for you.

How can Google Analytics increase Organic Traffic [ In 3 Steps ] 6
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There is another significant report which can tell you a lot of things about the behavior of the visitor.

Here as we see that bounce rate is 88.44% which is too high in the perspective of other bloggers, but when we see Average time on a page; it is 4.50 minutes.

In that context, you can understand that visitor is taking the time to read the content of the blog, and it is good news for you.  It is a signal that your audience likes your content. It means your content is valuable and the user is ready for reading the post. You need to practice healthy internal linking on your all post to drop bounce rate.

Although a high bounce rate is not an issue as people enjoying your post;  just try to give better user experience to your users by reducing your page load speed.

Apart from that, there are many reports which you can use to increase your sales and revenue for the blog.

Setting goals is also one of the reports. You can send your users to the particular sales page where you offer you’re paid digital products like ebooks and Software or your services and get all reports on the click of the tab.

These are the Google analytical strategies which you can use to improve the traffic of your blog through Google analytics.


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In this post, we have shared information about how can you improve your blog traffic with Google analytics.

If you liked this post, please feel free to share it on facebook and twitter. We will be thankful for your kindness.

Last but not least keep smiling and stay blessed. Sharing is Caring.

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  1. Okay, thanks for the tips. I think you’re right with analysis, you must have done a thorough research and practice before realizing how much we all need Google Analytics. I would also follow one of the other links to learn more about traffic without backlinks.

  2. Great write up bro. It was really awesome and got good knowledge. But when i linked console and analytics there is no data showing in analytics(console section).

    • Hi Kishor, This is because you just linked them. You will start getting insights as soon Google Analytics starts working with Search console(after your website get some traffic).

  3. This is a terrific Blog post Rahul. It’s content is in-depth. Well researched.

    The content presentation is superb with appropriate images. Just gorgeous work.

    I’ve shared this in my FB groups. I’m sure that anyone who engages with this will benefit hugely. Thanks for sharing this. Deeply appreciated.


    Ivan Bayross
    Digital Marketing Evangelist & Business Mentor

  4. Hello Rahul,

    Thank you so much for this in-depth post on using Google Analytics. I was looking for something like this as I started blogging just a week back. I will immediately go and check my analytics dashboard 🙂

    Very well written.

  5. Hello Rahul,

    Nice informative post and hope it helps many bloggers who are really worrying on how to connect Google analytics and Console to their blogs.

    Google Search console is a very good place to check the keywords for which our site is ranking for and also future keyword ideas.

    I use this almost regularly before writing a new post or when tweaking an old post that is not ranking.

  6. Not many bloggers know they can use the analytics data to improve their content marketing strategy.

    Thanks for bringing this out Rahul. Analytics is not just for finding out how much traffic you get, it helps a lot with making you get more traffic!


    • Hi Ms. Jane,
      I agree with you; many Bloggers don’t get their dreamed results because they fail to understand the data, they receive through various channels for free.
      Google analytics is the perfect example.
      Mastering it means mastering the user intent of your blog, it may give better monetization results as well improved traffic.

  7. Great article Rahul,
    Analytics are one of the tools I can’t blog about. And it’s for reason. It’s a goldmine of useful info on how a site’s performing. I really like the tip about sprinkling in the keywords that are bringing you traffic, and don’t exist in the post itself. Including them will boost their rank big time for sure.
    Thanks for the guide, Rahul 🙂

    • Hi Nikola Roza,
      Yes if anyone can master the art of reading existing data of their website then they can definitely grow in all aspects of blogging.
      We tried our best to define the best use of Google Analytics.
      Thanks for your kind response.
      – Rahul

  8. Great analysis in depth. Is there any specific criteria that when we need to update our most engaging contents. I feel if we change or update the content then may be we will lose ranking and traffic.

    • Hi Usman;
      Google loves fresh content because he want to show latest updates on all its search results for better User Experience..
      If you update your content with new facts & figures then it will help you rank up your post in SERPs.
      Feel free to ask your queries.

    • Hi Usman;
      Google loves fresh content because he want to show latest updates on all its search results for better User Experience..
      If you update your content with new facts & figures then it will help you rank up your post in SERPs.
      Feel free to ask your queries.

  9. I really enjoy reading this post. The points are clear and easy to implement. Adding value to your audience by creating quality and informative content is a unique way to stand out Thank you so much

  10. 🔥Amazing information to create better content for future using Analytics.

    Thanks for sharing Brother!

    Google analytics gives and opens door of many opportunities to understand user behavior and generate better content to improve user experience.

    Thanks again ☺️


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