Generatepress Review: Is This The Best WordPress Theme?

Generatepress Review

Tarun Kashyap

Generatepress is the best and the most popular WordPress theme and it can be used to build any kind of WordPress Websites, and GeneratePress has also managed to secure the high number of 5-star ratings in the WordPress community.
Ease of use

GeneratePress Review

If you want the absolute best WordPress theme then you can Blindly trust GeneratePress Premium for building any kind of WordPress website or Blog.


Are you looking for a review of the GeneratePress theme before Installing it on your website?

If yes, well then you’ve landed in the right place.

In this Generatepress review, I’m gonna tell you why Generatepress is so popular and why people love this theme so much.

So without a further due, let dive Right into the review.

A Quick Introduction to Generatepress Theme

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Generatepress theme has become one of the most popular WordPress themes among many bloggers and WordPress website developers in the present time.

with all the amazing features and awesomeness this theme has, I have NO doubts why everyone loves the Generatepress theme and why people like to have it on their websites.

After using The Generatepress Premium theme for over 6 months on my website now, I think that I am in a better position now to write this unbiased Detailed Generatepress Review.

and In my opinion, Generatepress is the Best Multipurpose WordPress Theme Right Now.

Generatepress is a multi-purpose WordPress theme which means you can use it to build any kind of WordPress website.

Generatepress is the most lightweight theme I’ve ever seen, its size is just 30 KB.

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Generatepress is the most liked and the highest-rated WordPress theme and it has more than 200,000+ active installations on WordPress websites around the globe.

Generatepress has also managed to attain a majority of 5 Star rating of over 936 reviews out of 946 total reviews.

I think these pieces of evidence are enough to prove that Generatepress is the best WordPress theme in the current time.

GeneratePress Free Vs GeneratePress Premium addon

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The core Generatepress theme initially is a FREE WordPress theme and is available in the WordPress repository for absolutely FREE.

Get GeneratePress FREE Theme

Just search for Generatepress in the theme search inside your WordPress dashboard and you’ll find it.

The FREE version of the Generatepress theme has some limitations which can be easily overcome by upgrading it to a Premium Generatepress Theme.

Get GeneratePress Premium Theme

So below is the table that lays out all the features Of the Generatepress theme and it’s availability to FREE and premium users.

For your better understanding, I want to present you all with a more insightful data that will help you differentiate between Generatepress FREE and premium theme.

Features GP FREE GP Premium
Mobile, SEO Friendly✔️✔️
Custom CSS✔️✔️
Basic Typography✔️✔️
14 pro modules✔️✔️
1 click reset option✔️✔️
Lifetime use✔️✔️
Premium Updates❌✔️
Premium support❌✔️
Import & Export❌✔️
Custom copyright❌✔️
Colors editing❌✔️
32+ Site library❌✔️
Page header❌✔️
Editing Blog page❌✔️
Editing Backgrounds❌✔️
Spacing, padding editing❌✔️
Mega menu plus❌✔️
Typography 70+ fonts❌✔️
Secondary navigation❌✔️
WooCommerce Integration❌✔️
Section settings❌✔️

So by seeing the above table, you can easily tell that If you’re not using the Generatepress premium theme and using the FREE version instead, then you’re missing out on a lot of awesome features.

How to activate the GeneratePress Premium Theme

Step 1: Click Here to buy GeneratePress Theme

Step 2: After that, you will land on The Official Website of The GeneratePress Themes which will look something like the screenshot attached below.

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Step 3: Click on Get it Now Button

Step 4: It will take you to the GeneratePress Pricing.

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Step 5: Click on Add to Cart Button, and it will take you to the checkout page.

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Step 6: Now checkout using your credit card/debit card or PayPal.

Step 7: Congratulations you have successfully upgraded to the GeneratePress Premium.

Step 8: Now you should receive an email from The Generatepress Themes containing your Accounts useful details like your account login credentials and your Special API key, DOwnload link of the Generatepress premium addon.

Step 9: Install the GeneratePress Premium addon on your Plugins Area.

Step 10: Add your Special API key on your GeneratePress

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After doing the above procedure, Congratulations you have NOW successfully Activated Generatepress Premium Theme, and you will now receive future updates

Unique Features of the Generatepress Theme

Most of the WordPress themes that exist in the market today pretty much offer the same thing out of the box like:

  • Fast loading theme
  • Seo optimized theme
  • mobile-friendly and responsive theme
  • Design and functionality/appearance
  • customizability, ease of use

Most of the modern WordPress themes offer the above-mentioned features already.

But there are some of the cool unique features which make Generatepress Better than the rest.

So here are the cool unique & awesome features of the Generatepress Theme.

Fastest loading Theme

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Generatepress is the fastest loading theme I ever came across, and its size is only 30KB, It also comes with a minimal design with less distracting elements which results in higher website speed,

below is the speed report of my website’s Loading Speed: as checked on GTmetrix.

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As you can see, my Website loads Under 1 second with the Generatepress Theme.

And Generatepress never compromises with speed for its users.

know more about How to Improve Your WordPress Website’s speed

with less size, the Generatepress theme also delivers some of the cool functions that you will very less likely to see on other WordPress themes.

Generatepress also comes with a unique feature called the Generatepress Modules which lets you enable/disable all the elements according to your website.

below is the screenshot of the Generatepress Modules.

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this will let your WordPress website to become lightweight and also will make your website load super faster like mine.

You choose the layout of page/post

With The Generatepress Theme, you can also choose the layout of your website, how the layout of your content is gonna look to your readers, etc.

here’s the screenshot of the Generatepress Layouts Looks like.

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generatepress review
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generatepress review
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generatepress review
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You can disable/enable several elements of your website like the SIdebar, Footer Widgets, You can even disable the Title of the Page or Post.

With the layout option inside Generatepress, it also has an option to use it for specific layouts, like using the layout for Page Builder Container, Full-width container, etc.

Generatepress Site library

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Site Library is the most interesting feature of the Generatepress theme and I like this functionality very much.

With the Generatepress Site Library feature, you can import the ready-made designed website layout to your website.

This will enable you to not just save your time but will also help you to get the best-designed layout and customization in one click.

There are a lot of really cool Websites templates inside the Generatepress site library and you can import any of the website design layouts that you like.

Personally I like the Marketer Template of the Generatepress site library because it’s specially designed for Internet Marketers.

When you will import a website layout into your website using the site-library feature, it will automatically create some pages, install some plugins, and add some demo content to your website, which you can remove later on as per your requirements.

Generatepress sections

Generatepress is the only theme that I think has this amazing type of feature.

Generatepress Sections is like miniature Page builder for Generatepress theme users.

That means Generatepress is a theme as well as a page builder.

But to use this feature you have to upgrade Generatepress to the premium version.

Rich in customization options

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Customizations are the super important part of any website and it becomes a deciding factor whether your website will look and feel good to your readers or not.

And Generatepress has a lot of Customization features inside its customization panel.

You can pretty much change anything inside the customizer like the fonts, logo, CSS, spacing, padding, layout boxes and buttons to the color of your whole Website and a lot more.

Generatepress is never out of the customization options, you will fall in love with the customizer when you first see it, you will get so many options to customize your website.

Here are the general settings that you get inside the Generatepress customizer:

  1. site identity
  2. Layout
  3. Color
  4. Typography
  5. general
  6. Menu
  7. Widgets
  8. Homepage settings
  9. Additional CSS
  10. Related posts.

Inside each of the settings stated above, resides a whole new level of those settings and you can customize accordingly

Pricing of The Generatepress theme

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The core Generatepress theme is FREE and you don’t need to pay any money to use it, however, if you want to increase the functionality of the GeneratepressTheme then I would highly recommend purchasing the premium addon of the Generatepress premium theme.

Generatepress is currently priced at $49.95 and you get the license to use it in unlimited websites and that too for 1 updates, support, and 40% renewal discount

That means you can use the Generatepress in unlimited websites and you will get future updates to the Generatepress premium addon for 1 year and good customer support.

Conclusion of Generatepress Review

If you’re looking for a really nice theme for blog, eCommerce website or any kind of website you’re building then definitely Generatepress is the must-have theme.

Generatepress theme can be used to build any kind of WordPress Websites and for a little extra cost you get a fully-fledged rocking high-performance WordPress theme.

I would say just go for the Generatepress premium theme right away because you will regret not having it later on.

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Get Generatepress

What is the cost of Generatepress premium Theme?

Generatepress premium will cost you $49.95 and you’ll also get 40% renewal discount

Can I use it to build Ecommerce Website?

Yes absolutely, Generatepress is a multi-purpose WordPress theme and you can use it to build any kind of Website.

Do Generatepress have any discounts?

Yes, you can get a 10% discount for the Generatepress premium.

Do Generatepress premium have money back guarantee?

Yes, Generatepress premium comes with a 30 days money-back guarantee.

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2 thoughts on “Generatepress Review: Is This The Best WordPress Theme?”

  1. Well brother nice article.
    I believe generatepress is the best theme out there and is compatible with most of theme builders.
    i think they should work on site library. and release more demo sites.
    i simply don’t want to rely on page builders. Keeping things simple is what I like

    what are you views about this. will wait fr you reply here

    • Hey Shivam thanks for Going through the article brother, Yes Generatepress is the best theme out there for WordPress in the WordPress theme repository today.

      and you are 100% correct they should work on the GeneratePress site library and release more demo sites that will be helpful for lot of beginners who don’t know how to properly design websites.

      and regarding page builder, I’m also not a huge fan of them as they increase the page requests and increase the load time which is very bad for user experience.

      Thanks for your genuine comment brother.



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