Generatepress Premium Discount 10% OFF + 40% Renewal Discount

Generatepress is one of the most popular and the best multi-purpose WordPress theme out there. And today we have something special: we’re gonna reveal the exact process by which you can save up to 10% on the Generatepress premium Discount.

From popular bloggers, website owners to big web development agencies, all love to use the Generatepress theme.

No doubt why people love it so much, and why it’s the number one WordPress theme in the market.

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I personally use Generatepress on all my WordPress Websites and blogs.

Currently, Generatepress is offering a flat 10% Discount on the premium version of the Generatepress theme.

How to Activate The Generatepress Premium Discount 10% OFF

Step 1: Click here to go to the Generatepress Premium Discount page.

Step 2: You will be taken to the official Generatepress discount page, which will look like the screenshot attached below.

Generatepress Premium Discount
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Step 3: Click on the Green Get it now Button.

Step 4: now you’ll be taken to the pricing, don’t worry the pricing is already discounted to 10% OFF.

Generatepress Premium Discount
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Step 5: Now click on the Green Add to Cart Button.

Step 6: Now you will be taken to the Checkout page which will look something like the screenshot attached below.

Generatepress Premium Discount
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Step 7: Fill in all the required information, your email, name, password, billing address, etc, check I agree to terms.

Step 8: Click on the Purchase Button

Step 9: Congratulations you have successfully purchased the Generatepress premium theme with a 10% discount.

Now you should receive email from them which will include your purchase details and your login info.

Login to Generatepress and you would be able to download the Generatepress premium plugin.

What is the Pricing Plan of Generatepress Premium Theme?

Generatepress premium comes at a very affordable price.

Usually, the price of the Generatepress theme is quit high on normal days which is $49.95.

but currently, Generatepress is running a discount and you can get it for flat 10% OFF.

which is only $44.95 for unlimited websites.

Generatepress Premium Discount
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Generatepress FREE vs premium

Generatepress has a FREE version as well as the paid premium theme.

And I strongly recommend you to buy the premium version of the Generatepress theme.

Because the FREE version has some limitations which can be easily overcome by the premium version of the Generatepress Premium theme.

Features GP FREE GP Premium
Mobile, SEO Friendly✔️✔️
Custom CSS✔️✔️
Basic Typography✔️✔️
14 pro modules✔️✔️
1 click reset option✔️✔️
Lifetime use✔️✔️
Premium Updates✔️
Premium support✔️
Import & Export✔️
Custom copyright✔️
Colors editing✔️
32+ Site library✔️
Page header✔️
Editing Blog page✔️
Editing Backgrounds✔️
Spacing, padding editing✔️
Mega menu plus✔️
Typography 70+ fonts✔️
Secondary navigation✔️
WooCommerce Integration✔️
Section settings✔️

So as you can see from the above table, you will be missing out on a lot of amazing features that Generatepress Premium has to offer.

Without the premium addon, you will not be able to add google analytics code on your website, you will not have access to the Site library and all the Amazing Features.

Why should you choose Generatepress Premium Theme?

over the past few years of having tried and tested many WordPress themes for my blogs.

I can say that Generatepress is the best WordPress theme out there in the market today.

Here are some of the reasons why I like the Generatepress theme more than any theme.

  1. Generatepress is super lightweight, only 30 kb for the whole theme.
  2. Generatepress is the fastest loading WordPress theme I ever encountered.
  3. Generatepress is the multi-purpose WordPress theme and can be used to build any type of website.
  4. It has an inbuilt site library that will help you to import any of the available templates for your website.
  5. Generatepress has many more unique features that you will not find in any other theme, like elements, hooks, Generatepress sections, etc.

Here’s the speed of my website with the Generatepress premium theme installed on my website.

Generatepress Premium Discount
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If I would have been in your place then I would have never missed this premium discount.

so what are you waiting for ? Go grab this awesome Generatepress premium Discount 10% OFF instantly before this discount expires.

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Generatepress Premium Discount – FAQs

Can I use GeneratePress theme in unlimited sites?

Yes, Of Course, you can use the Generatepress theme on unlimited sites, because you will get the license to use Generatepress on unlimited sites with This Discount.

Can Generatepress be used with Page Builders like DIVI?

Yes, Generatepress Works hand in hand with any of the page builders you name like DIVI, Elementor, Thrive Architect, etc.

Is Generatepress FREE?

Yes, the Generatepress theme is absolutely FREE but for the premium features, you have to upgrade Generatepress to the Premium version.

How much discount is available for Generatepress?

Currently, Generatepress Offers a 10% Exclusive discount, and all the other discount pages claiming that they have a 25% or 50% discount are all Fake.

Generatepress Premium DIscount

Tarun Kashyap

Ease of use


Generatepress is one of the most popular WordPress themes and the best theme I ever used in my journey so far.
if you are looking for the best WordPress Plugin then Generatepress is the way to go with… Generatepress is Fast, SEO friendly and also it doesn’t cost much.


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