What is the Future of Backlinks after Google’s Core Update!


The Backlinks is one of the most misunderstood concepts in Search engine optimization.

There are many myths related to Future of Backlinks. In this post, we are going to explain what is the Backlink role in overall Seo perspective and what is the future of Backlinks.

Although it is not possible to accurately tell you how backlinks influence the entire Seo game but based on the latest search engine signals and algorithm updates, the future of the backlinks can be predicted.

 So, let’s get started with backlinks concept in Bloggingpal.

What are Backlinks?

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Relevant Links Pointing towards BloggingPal.com

A few days ago I was talking with my dear brother Rahul Bhichher over a phone call, in which we discussed so much about backlinks.

We both agreed that backlinks are still the backbone of the SEO. It is the primary ranking factor, the more you have, the higher will be your ranking.

So, the question raises  What are backlinks?

Backlinks are hypertext markup links on a current web document pointing back to another resource, which could be your blog post. In simple language, any incoming link from a different blog pointing on your blog is a Backlink.

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Type of backlinks

There are primarily two types of Backlinks; each one has its significance.

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Types of Backlink: Organic links & InOrganic links
  • Natural/organic Links
  • Synthetic/Inorganic Links

Natural Links/Organic Link

Internet is a great place to share and learn something new, something different for that purpose; whenever people find something resourceful on the internet, they like sharing it with their families and friend. It is the cause of natural link building.

Hence,  Natural links are those links which are not created by the bloggers. Indeed, they are perceived naturally by bloggers. It could be of any type like textual link, Image link, Video link.

Google and other search engines like Bing, Yahoo, Yandex.ru, Altavista, Lycos, Duck Duck go loves natural links. Such links are the High authoritative links for any blogger.

The significant point to note is that for getting natural links; you have to create excellent quality content which should be helpful for your target audience. Otherwise rarely anybody will share it. 

Aware of natural links

There are a few strings attached to everything; receiving an organic link is not always Safe. There is something called negative SEO in which sometimes people with evil intentions can create malicious links on inappropriate site linking back to your blog.

That can be devastating; if precautions not taken.Ā 
Therefore always look after from where you are getting natural links. Google’s search engine console has a fantastic tool known as the disavow tool to alert google if you get any critical link.

Do you know Using Semrush; you can remove spammy Backlinks for your website directly.

Synthetic/Inorganic Links

These are the link which is intentionally created by the blogger to give an extra boost to their Blog post.

Such backlinks are Synthetic or Inorganic Links. These inorganic links are less dominant than organic links.
Still, inorganic link matters a lot.

Hence, it very important to get these links considering the particular blog post. Google ranks those websites which have inorganic links from different referring domains from top blogs.

Significance of Backlinks

Previously backlinks are considered as the votes for a particular blog. The more you have, the better will be your SERP.

Then, people started misusing the system by creating multi-tier Backlinking. Due to which, PBN (Private Blog Network) started getting famous. 

Negative SEO: Thousands of Spammy Backlinks Pointing towards a website.
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Negative SEO: Thousands of Spammy Backlinks Pointing towards a website.

It created a significant problem for new bloggers, and the quality of the content started degrading in that era. 
Google decided to favor the new bloggers by penalizing the shitty blog, which was using PBN.

People started realizing that Creating spammy backlink can hurt their blog rankings on the search engines. Later that other search engines like Bing and Yahoo also started the same concept.

Therefore Google doesn’t give priority to those blogs which have an unlimited number of Backlinks, but only a few quality Backlinks.

Be selective while creating backlinks for your websites. The link created by commenting on the relevant blog is temporary. They don’t have that level of significance to those, which are present in the main section of the blog.

Hence backlink is still a primary ranking factor in the search engine optimization. It can make it or break it a blog according to usage.

The power of Backlink can be judged by check whether the particular link is Dofollow or Nofollow. 

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Do follow backlink is more dominant in comparison to no follow backlink. It doesn’t mean, you should start creating only do-follow backlinks. 

Future of  Backlinks

As the internet and Google AI is growing, it is becoming more smarter. Today’s Google is different from 2004. 

It is grown now to 2019+ Google. It was baby Google then. Now it is young Google who is aware of how to protect its interest. As Google algorithm is updating it is becoming more focused on user intent and branding.

Screenshot of Google Twitter handle announcing Google Core Update june 3, 2019.
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Screenshot of Google Twitter handle announcing Google Core Update june 3, 2019.

The last Google update was on June 3, 2019 which is named as #GoogleCoreUpdate.

Good news is there is no need to getting afraid with the new Core update. It will indeed improve the system. It is a process which has already started clearing the spamming & buffer of the internet.

Previously, what was happening that Google was too focused on backlinks. It was counting every backlink as the vote for the particular site due to which a few authority sites started selling the backlinks in exchange of few dollars.

It was massively affecting the newbie bloggers. They never had a fair chance to compete with these giants.

Those big brands were getting top ranks within a few hours with the average content, whereas the hard working blogger was not able to manage over to appear on the first page.

Traffic dropping news is spreading like wildfire these days. As DailyMail accepted 50% Drop In Traffic After Google June 2019 Core Update.


It is only a single example; there are many. Some websites even shut down due to this.

Google News Showing Shutting Down of A website named as CCN.com after Google's Core Update.
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Google News Showing Shutting Down of A website named as CCN.com after Google’s Core Update.

I decided to check out my website Viyali.com stats, as I never take backlinking seriously. I noticed the increment in the traffic after Google’s core update. Within a week, it reached from 290 hits to 435 hits.

Screenshot of GA showing increase in Traffic after june 3, Google Core Update on Viyali.com
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Screenshot of GA showing increase in Traffic after june 3, Google Core Update on Viyali.com

To confirm the growth, I decided to talk with Rahul Bhichher. He narrated the same story for his blog, shayariblast. He told me that his blog traffic increases by 50% after the core update.

Screenshot of GA showing increase in Traffic after june 3, Google Core Update on Viyali.com
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Screenshot of Google Analytics Dashboard showing Growth in traffic after Google’s Core Update (june, 2019) for Shayariblast.in

The user experience is the primary focus of Google now; it is the reason people started focusing on On page SEO strategies.

On the other side, Off-page SEO  became mightier according to modern SEO experts. These days a Backlink is the medium of content promotion, not ranking on SERP; therefore, bloggers are using Quora as much possible.

 We have presented the Batman SEO strategy for off-page SEO, which you should read to understand how off-page SEO is changed. 

Now, content marketing and especially backlinking in the part of that prospect. 

Today the purpose of a Backlink is to create a relationship with the owner of the blog.  

Once you gained the trust, it gets easy to get Backlinks from the owner of the blog. That is the right strategy for getting Backlinks.

Sometimes it also leads toward guest posting, which is an excellent way to get Backlinks for your blog.

Avoid Backlinks Spam

Avoid purchasing Backlinks from the goons of digital marketing. They have a couple of random websites in which they start spamming your blog link. 


In this post, we have shared the future of the Backlinks, if you liked the post. 
Please feel free to share it on Facebook and Twitter. We will be thankful for your kindness.

Keep smiling, stay blessed.
Sharing is Caring.


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57 thoughts on “What is the Future of Backlinks after Google’s Core Update!”

  1. Excellent explanation sirji šŸ™‚
    Google has made the right decision and it will help new bloggers to come forward as beginners find it hard to gain backlinks despite having great content.

    • Yes Dear Tarun, Google made right choice by updating it’s core algorithm.
      This will give a fair chance to everyone who is willing to do their best.
      Thank you so much for dropping a comment.

      – Rahul

  2. Fantastic Article Santosh.

    Yeah, I guess this time core update come up with a lot of benefits to the mid-level bloggers, who are creating great content but not getting enough exposure because of the authority and links.

    I guess Google wants those good content to come up and serve the end users with better results. What we can learn from this is, don’t run after too many links and buying those.

    It’s a clear indication if you are buying, then someone else would also be buying links from that website, eventually, that website is going to turn into a spam website., which gonna hurt.

    The best way is to get contextual backlinks after creating great content. My suggestions would be to keep Guest Posting and Reach out.

    Thanks for the Awesome one! Have a great day ahead!

    • Yes Navin,
      You said right.
      People turning their website into garbage by creating spammy Backlinks.
      Giving a chance to new bloggers who have quality in their content must be rewarded.

      – Rahul

    • Hi kata,
      Yes you can still use Quora to promote your blog but rather than focusing on promotion in Quora try to answer the question with best possible way.
      This approach will safeguard your url from Quora’s blacklisting as well give you a good amount of referral traffic.

  3. Hi, Santosh!
    I read your this blog and found it very useful. You kept it very simple for the readers to understand it.
    I am going to start a new website(webstop.in) of mine soon. I will keep everything you said in mind while working on backlinks for it.

    • Hi Umer,
      Thanks for Giving it a thumbs up.
      We will keep updating you on the further insights, as soon as everything get clear.
      Some websites come up with increased traffic, some said they loosed traffic.. possibly the impact of the update is high.

      – Rahul

  4. This is so what outranking and outstanding all other articles I have read concerning backlink. I lacked the basic of backlink for this cause I had to built many backlinks. But, what can i do. Cause Google is so much penalizing my blog newly publish post please.

    • Hi Tomoloju,
      Make better relationships with other bloggers; help them in acheiving their goals and they will reverse it with full force.
      This way you will get the opportunity to Guest post or they will happy to mention you in their blog post.
      This is how you will get Quality Backlinks.

      • Okay. How can I archieve that. Because, am kinda getting demotivated on what to do. Blogging is my passion but with this google act. Am so much kinda getting tired. If someday you can assist me. Here is my blog sharingvi.blogspot.com

        I will welcome your lecture on what do. My joy is that I get my post indexed into Google. So that I can get to continuously unblocked ban url in Facebook.

        Your positive respond will motivate me to do better. Expecting your logical respond.

        From here TID. Happy to be here.

        • Hi Tomoloju,
          Nothing remains the same in this
          You should reach out to other fellow bloggers and start building trust with them.
          You will learn a lot of new things from them and by looking at their success you will find yourself motivated every time.
          We are also happy to help you.
          – Rahul

  5. Hello Santosh,
    Really this post is amazing you covered many important factors related to the future of Backlinks in this post which is very important to know by all the other blogger.

    Keep sharing these types of articles with us.

    Piyush Yadav

    • Hi Piyush,
      Thank you for your kind Appreciation over the post.
      We all know many bloggers out there who has lack in the knowledge of Backlinks, messing up with spam and losing edge in the online Ranking Competition.
      They need to know the Future of Backlinks.
      – Rahul

    • Hi Anupam,
      Yes Quality over Quantity always wins in Long term.
      Quality in Backlinks rather then having number of unnatural links is better from every aspect.
      Hope this post on Future of Backlinks gave you a better idea.
      – Rahul

  6. Wow! Did you believe I was reading the Google core update on your website now for the first time. I think Google has broken the backbone of those big guys that bid Backlinks for money. If their ranking is dropped they have nothing to bait the beginners. The point is to get backlinks naturally.

  7. Sensational post Santosh! Google always reminds us to clarify and purify our blogging strategy, shaking out folks with updates who strayed a bit from basics. Create. Connect. Be genuine. Prosper.

    • Hi Ryan Sir,
      You said right everyone should work consistently ,smartly, help other bloggers so he/she connect with them.
      Long term relationship always stays in a win win position.
      Thank you for motivating our readers.

  8. Hi Santosh,
    Your article is so informative. I was always scared about the spam Link while following all the Google guidelines. But You have explained clearly, Cheers!

    • Hi Karisma,
      Glad you liked our post, we are always tend to help everyone and we make sure that only real, working strategies reach to our audience.
      There are many myths related to Backlinks, that’s why we tried to answer it this post.
      You can join our Facebook Group.
      – Rahul

    • Hi Ritsan,
      Yes we have to focus on creating quality content, best UX & speed along with best social engagement possible, this is the best way to make people link out our post.
      Although it’s not a good thing though, we consider Backlinks good but only the natural ones.
      Many big websites got a drop in organic traffic…
      Google is improving itself for best result for the particular searched query.

  9. Santosh sir this is awesome article I ever read on internet, this article encouraged me about my blogging career and motivated me about my profession, so much informative and well written. Thumbs up to you sir.

  10. Hi Bro’s
    It was really nice guidance about the future of backlinks. I was thinking about what might happen after the core update. Because of the busy schedule, I was not able to do the research. But u gave me the complete brief information in one shot.
    Thank u

    • Hi Kishor,
      Thanks for giving it a read; Google Core update always comes with new challenges to all Bloggers but if you believe in your work then there is nothing to worry at all.
      Stay connected with us. You should join our Facebook Group.

  11. Hey Santosh/Rahul,

    Genuine and authentic information about backlinks. Many brands started buying backlinks with just average content and quality bloggers like you & me have been falling back in the race of SEO.

    It is so true!

    After the core update, brands are more focused on producing top-notch content before they look into the backlink building, which is really a good sign.

    The future for an authority backlink still exists, but only along with quality content.

    Lovely blog post, I enjoyed reading this

  12. Thank you Santosh sir,

    It really helped a newbie like me to understand certain factors related to backlinks.

    I learned a lot. Bookmarked site.

    Thanks a lot again for a wonderful article.

    Keep rocking.

  13. Hey

    What a great and unique post.

    I came across many posts related to backlinks where various ways to get backlinks are discussed.

    Points you covered here are very useful and will definitely help bloggers like me.


  14. Hey Rahul Bhichher,

    Thanks for sharing your experience and thoughts with us.

    I agree with your statement – “The Backlinks is one of the most misunderstood concepts in Search engine optimization.”

    Your article is full of valuable information.

    Once again, thanks from the bottom of my heart.

    Keep sharing valuable pieces of information like this.


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