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Technology changes every day, and no one knows what will happen next?
Although we keep updating our post time to time, still we cannot assure you that the day you are reading our post that may be exactly relevant to the content you may be expecting from us.

Changes keep happening in the world of technology and Blogging. Therefore we cannot provide any guarantee of the post accuracy.

We make money by selling our stuff, services, Affiliate marketing, and Advertising. We request our audience to buy any product or services based on your risk. We can’t accept any issues like after-sales services of the product. 

Therefore, please verify the product before purchasing on your perspective. We will be not responsible for any damages or issues.

At the Blogging pal, our responsibility is to provide the suggestion, opinion, and detailed information about the product. Examine the product and making sales depend on the audience.

We don’t hold any rights on the behalf services and advertisement companies.
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