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Hello, EveryOne, this is Tarun Kashyap 👋

I am the Founder/Owner of this Blog BloggingPal.

I started this blog on September 20, 2019, mainly to help Other People Who wanna learn Blogging, Digital Marketing, SEO and want to make money online, I believe there are lots of people out there who can benefit from this blog because I was also at the learning phase too like other people and too much of the noise present out there as Information is just waste noise and so, therefore, I started this blog to share what works and what does not work.

And I also Want to state that this Blog Uses Affiliate links at some places of the blog, over the past few years of this blog’s Lifespan I’ve affiliated with some of the most Reputed and most trusted affiliate programs in the world, If you click on those links, I’ll get a small commission which buys me a coffee at no extra costs to you 🙂.

I don’t get any for mentioning them like free products cash or anything like that I just mention them because I think that’s what is best for my audience.

I only promote products or services that I have personally used or am Using right now or have researched the most about because I believe in transparency and my audience’s trust is the lifeblood of this blog so I don’t want to lose it by promoting any spammy product.

If you have any Questions Regarding this, please contact me at

Have a Good time on this Website.

Tarun Kashyap

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