This blog is a genuine effort to help people who are interested in Learning about Digital Marketing, Blogging, and about Blogosphere from Zero levels.

About US

Reason Behind the Name BloggingPal

Our articles are light and easily understandable which serves readers as their best friend to sort out the issues they are facing in the blogging industry and provides them clarity in decision making.

The Motive of the Website BloggingPal.Com

We have Three principal motives behind

  • There is so much information available on the internet about Blogging and internet marketing which may be confusing for the beginners; through this Blog, our primary motive is to provide all the relevant information in one place.
  • BloggingPal.Com is a platform for the young and new bloggers to get legitimate help through our blog content targeting their core issues not just in blogging but in the overall process to grow in the digital world.
  • We sincerely want people to awaken their hidden potential and get inspired to enter the digital world, not as a consumer but as a content creator to showcase their Skills to the world.

Who is the man Behind is a joint venture of Rahul Bhichher and Santosh Gairola. Both Rahul and Santosh hold substantial rights on the website. In which Rahul holds 40% authority of the and Santosh with 60%.

About Us 1

Rahul Bhichher (Co-Founder)

Rahul Bhichher is an Indian origin well-known name in the Blogging industry with numerous followers on Facebook and owns many sites. He is very friendly to newbies and always tend to help them.

Whereas in, Rahul is the primary officer to take care of the front door of the website which is a technical and marketing aspect of the site.

santosh gairola

Santosh Gairola (Founder)

Santosh Gairola is the certified web coder in Microsoft integrated development Environment who runs a network of websites, blogs and enjoys writing C# programs on Visual Studio.

Whereas In the, Santosh is the Primary officer for composing and publishing the content.

If You're facing any Issue related Digital Marketing, Web design etc. Feel Free to Contact Us.

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